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Error Notification

The Error Notification dialog provides several options for getting notifications on errors that are detected within the different systems of the camera. You can be notified according to different levels of priority:

Once a notification has been sent, the camera will ignore all subsequent error messages during the time defined in the Deadtime field. This deadtime prevents the camera from causing a flood of messages (denial of service) in case several errors occur shortly after one another. You can enter values from 1 to 999 minutes.
Leave this field empty to use the default value of one minute.


Select the method(s), which are to be executed in case of an error.

Parameter Description
Live Image

If this function is activated, the camera will display the triggering error message in the live image for about one minute.

Camera LEDs If the LED signal has been activated, the camera LEDs will light up in a special pattern during the messaging deadtime. The LED patterns are same as for the Storage Failure Detection.
Audio Notification Plays back the selected sound file on the speaker if an error occurs.
FTP Notification Executes the selected FTP profile if an error occurs.
E-Mail Notification Sends an e-mail to the address(es) specified in the selected profile if an error occurs.
Phone Call Executes the selected phone profile if an error occurs.
IP Notify Sends a network message to the address(es) specified in the selected profile if an error occurs.


Attaching Detailed Error Messages

When using the FTP Notification, E-Mail Notification and IP Notify methods, the camera can append the error message, which caused the notification to the file specified in the selected profile. Activate the checkbox below the selection box of the corresponding notification method. When using E-Mail Notification, the error message appears as additional attachment of the e-mail, independent of the other attachments. When using FTP Notification or IP Notify, the error message will only be appended if the transferred file contains custom text, the system messages or the web server logfile. When transferring image file, the error message will not be appended, as this would destroy the JPEG file format.

Reboot Alarm

Independent of error notification, the camera can also send notifications when the camera reboots. To use this feature, activate the desired profiles in the Reboot Alarm section. To be able to differentiate this alarm from the error notifications, you should use different profiles than for the error notifications above.

Konfiguration sichern

Klicken Sie auf Setzen, um die Einstellungen zu aktivieren und bis zum nächsten Neustart der Kamera zu sichern.

Beenden Sie den Dialog durch Klick auf Schließen. Hierbei wird geprüft, ob Änderungen der Gesamtkonfiguration vorliegen. Ist dies der Fall, werden Sie gefragt, ob die Gesamtkonfiguration dauerhaft gesichert werden soll.

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